Critiques   R'   Us!  

Need your work critiqued before submitting it to a publisher? You've found the PERFECT place! Critiques R' Us has several brilliant editors and reviewers that will read your writing and critique it. Our editors are ALL published and experienced. There is a 100% guarentee that we will review your writing and tell you what it needs or what it doesnt. If we think its great and you have a chance someplace with it, we'll refer you to a publisher or an editor that will like to see the piece.

Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines before submitting work.

1. We accept stories no longer than 3000 words. A couple over are fine.

2. Response time varies depending on which editor/reviewer its assigned to. All stories will be critiqued and sent back to the author in less than seven days.

3. Snail mail submissions are accepted but we prefer email subs.

4. We read anything EXCEPT Science Fiction! Poems, short-shorts, short stories,articles,essays, etc. etc. are acceptable. We do have a special interest, though, in anything that deals with horror! : )

5. Please write," Attention editor " in the subject box of your submission.

Meet    Our    Editors!

Choose an editor then write to Jack Fisher asking him to 
give you the editors email address!

 Jack Fisher - 

  Jack has been writing for three years now. Hes the editor 
for his schools newspaper and has published several stories 
to various publications.He is also the edior for Purgatorys 

 John Fisher(Jacks Cousin) - 

  John has been writing for three years as well. He 
specializes in dark fantasy and just plain old fantasy. 
John has not yet published a piece of his writing. : (

 Matt Fisher(Jacks brother) - 

  Matt loves horror! Hes published two short stories so far 
only because hes been writing for about a year.

  Beth Dash - ( new )

    Beth has been editing and proofing for fourteen years 
now. She has also won several awards! Beth specializes in 
horror and science fiction. 

Jack Fisher~Main editor
bayville, NJ 08721
United States