Submission Guidelines

 Please follow these guidelines before submitting work to 
 Puragtorys Ezine: 
 1. All stories/poems should be no longer than 3000 words 
 unless its an exceptional piece. 
 2. ATTACHMENT files ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! All submissions 
 should be sent in the body of email or through snail 
 mail.Contact editor for snail mail address. 
 3. All work must be horror,fantasy(containing horror),or 
 dark fantasy. Science Fiction is unacceptable! 
 4. Upon submitting please write the following in the 
 subject box of the email: Attention Editor. 
 5. Allow two-three weeks before your story is posted at the 
 page. Editor will give an exact date when it will be 
  NOTE: We cannot accept EVERYTHING! Please do not feel bad 
 if your writing is rejected. 
      Response Time: 
   Allow at least ONE full week before               
   receiving a response to your submission!

Jack Fisher/EDITOR

Purgatory's   'Zine

Purgatory's 'Zine will accept almost anything, except science fiction. Your work will be displayed for everyone to see all over the web! We have a special interest in stories that pertain to the occult or any Candyman type stories, but any others will be fine. The editor will discard any submission over 2500 words, preferablly 2000 or less. ( a couple over is fine ) All stories will be displayed for up to a month. (See Submission guidelines before sending anything.) This 'zine was made so that everyone can see all the gifted and talented writers out there and so newer writers can have a chance to get there work published!

Experiment: We are experimenting with a critiquing group if

we can get enough stories and critics. If youre interested write to the editor, Jack Fisher.

You can find the latest horror submissions at:

And the latest fantasy submissions at:

Editor's   Note:

Hello! Thank you for coming to " Purgatory's Zine " We appreciate it! I'd like to take the time to just say: I do not appreciate nor do I like it when contributors ignore me. If I email you regarding your submission I expect an answer. If I'm ignored I will simply...ignore you. You know what I mean. Thanks, Jack Fisher Editor